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Bob Ross on Youtube - July 17, 2017

I just watched some Bob Ross videos on Youtube.  He is amazing.  He definitely has the techniques, and a "mind's eye" for the design of each part of the painting he is working on.


Username / Nickname: Peggy Lupo, CRI

I just returned from Grass Valley, CA where I celebrated with family and friends the graduation and engagement of my beautiful grandaughter, Rachel.  Congratulations, sweetheart!

While I was there, EVERYONE was interested and excited in participating in a Bob Ross class.  It looks like I will be going to Grass Valley sometime soon and share "The Joy of Painting".  What fun  it is to introduce  this method and bring such happiness to folks that had no idea what they could do.

The Studio - July 13, 2017

Peggy's studio is comfortable, well-lit, and inviting. 

Each student gets their own working space for class instruction and painting.

Paint and Brushes - July 11, 2017

Paint and  Brushes ready for Peggy's next class.


Username / Nickname: Linda

What a nice place to learn!

Username / Nickname: Peggy Lupo

Thanks Linda ... Here is how the day will go ...... Arrive with your bag lunch and roll of paper towel.. I will take a few minutes to explain the procedure, talk about the paints and brushes  and why this method will  result in a lovely painting that you will take home with you.

The class itself goes like this: I begin the demo while you watch, then you return to your work area and do the same while I assist you with the application.  We go step by step until completed which should take about 4 hours maybe a little less or a little longer.

There are restroom facilities in the studio, a wonderful outdoor patio for lunch and breaks.  I will provide refreshments

See you soon!

Username / Nickname: Valarie

Peggy and I attended 2 certification classes together!  She is a very gifted artist and a great person.  You will enjoy her classes and learn so much about the Bob Ross technique! It will be a life changing experience! 



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